Poker Rules

When it comes to starting to play poker, there are certain rules that the user should keep in mind. Although learning these rules is extremely simple, learning to play like the professionals is not so much, since dedicating yourself professionally to poker is an everyday job, continually improving the game itself, learning new techniques and strategies and updating the knowledge to play professionally on any platform.
 However, it is important that the user starts with a base, which is the poker rules

Texas Holdem Basic Rules

There are many types of poker, and their use is as wide as this game is around the world. However, the style that is played the most and has the most fans on the planet is Poker Texas Holdem, which is very easy to learn, but very difficult to master completely.In Texas Holdem poker, users often compete to see who has the best hand, within the possible combinations that exist.

These are, in increasing order of value and importance: pair (two cards of the same number), double pair, trio (three cards of the same number), full (two cards of the same number plus three other cards of the same number), poker (four cards of the same number), flush (five cards of the same suit), flush (five cards in increasing order, regardless of suit), flush of color (five cards in increasing order of the same suit) and royal flush (Ace , King, Queen, Joker and 10 of the same suit).Each player is dealt two cards, which are personal or private cards, and three community cards or “flop”.
Then, bets begin on each player’s chances on their hands and on the hands of others. To the extent that a player knows he has a winning move, he will bet higher. Other players must either call the bet or withdraw from the game. Then, another community card is turned, called a “turn” and then a last card called a river. With these 7 cards (5 community and 2 personal) the user must form the best combination of those named above.