A story that amazes professionals, novices, casino fans, whether online or traditional.

  • A story that slightly disappoints the virtuous and experienced in casino strategies. Charles Wells was a scammer who managed, through deception, to shamelessly extract money from investors to finance an invention that never existed.
  • But it turns out that Charles went to Monte Carlo, making the decision, as a good swindler, to “invest” in roulette. 4,000 pounds that I drag to the Monte Carlo casino.
  • This man had the longest streak in the world, including one that won 20 laps out of 30. He jumped the bench 12 times in a row. Although he did not leave the casino bankrupt, they had to go find chips specifically for him. I win a million francs, and when I return for the rematch I win a million more, betting and matching the same five numbers five consecutive times.
  • A system that you used to earn such an amount of money could never be determined. It is only believed that he was very, very lucky. In 1892 Fred Gilbert wrote the song “The Man Who Made Bench Jump In Monte Carlo” to remember Wells’ feat. His luck made that in July 1891 Charles Wells entered as one more to the Monte Carlo casino and left a legend.