Lock Ups, Knock Outs, Errors & Non Loading Graphics

Firstly, please report all Lock Ups, Knock Outs and any Error Messages that you encounter to our Customer Service Department (the more details you provide, the better). We have a full support department that is always ready to help you and we’ll make sure you are properly taken care of.

Rest assured that the system doesn’t steal and you’ll be fully compensated for any difficulties that you encounter. If you were knocked off, kicked out or received an error message while playing, don’t worry; that game and your most recent play will be waiting for you when you LOGIN again.

Generally, lock ups, kick outs and error messages are caused by a weak Internet connection between you and us, or your browser is misconfigured. To best configure you browser for overall Internet use, see Best Browser Configuration and check out our Internet Connection Guide for tips on how to check your ISP’s connection to the world wide web.

If none of the JAVA graphics are loading and you are using a JAVA ENABLED browser, then your JAVA may not be on. See Turning JAVA On. If some or none of the HTML graphics are loading, then again, this is most likely due to a misconfigured browser or poor internet connection between you and us.

Please give the above suggestions a try. If you are still having difficulties, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to assist you. We appreciate your business.