D’alembert System

There are plenty of strategies to beat games that depend on numerical odds, some effective and some less so. We will talk here about a possible, famous and widely used: the D’alembert strategy.

This strategy owes its name to the French physicist and mathematician. Jean Le Rond D’alembert. It was he who created the D’alembert Principle, published in his Treatise on Dynamics of 1743, establishing that “the sum of the external forces acting on a body and the so-called inertial forces form a system of forces in equilibrium”.

Transferring this to gambling, it turns out to be a pyramid betting system. It’s about adding one unit to your next bet after a miss, while subtracting one after each hit. This betting sequence may vary depending on the odds and the type of gambling.

It is the ideal system to bet on big favorites, whether it is a sports team or a roulette number. It works as soon as we are clear that a streak of consecutive failures of the favorites is highly unlikely. Being a pyramid-type system, it is nevertheless convenient to establish a loss limit, so that we avoid running out of money to continue betting.